Evening Matches 2019

Following on from the successful evening matches last year, I am pleased to confirm we will continue them through 2019.  Friendly matches fishing for two hours with an optional small 'wager'.
Long Copse, Fetcham

May 23rd  6.00pm - 8.00pm   Draw 5.15pm

June 5th    6.30pm - 8.30pm   Draw 5.45pm

June 28th  6.30pm - 8.30pm   Draw  5.45pm

July 19th   6.30pm - 8.30pm    Draw  5.45pm

August 14th  6.00pm - 8.00pm   Draw 5.15pm

Contact David Balaam  info@leatherheadangling.co.uk to reserve your place in these fun matches.

Evening Speed Match 25th 2018 RESULTS
Nine keen members turned out for the first evening match of the year, including a junior member.
The results are;
1st Mark (?)                         14.12oz
2nd  Toby Skyes-Wood    12.10oz    (not in optional pools as a Junior, but excellent result)
2nd  Nick Rudley                 11.6oz
3rd  Craig Duckham           11.00oz
4th  Geoff Ballinger           6.11oz
4th  Doug Simpkins           6.11oz
6th  Darren Payne             3.3oz
7th Michael Ball                  3.1oz
8th David Balaam               2.4oz
One did not weigh in.
NEXT Evening Match Thursday 7th June DRAW 5.45pm

Evening Speed Match 7th June  RESULTS

The results are;
1st           Roy Allibone       29.10oz                         
2nd          Andy Gibbs         24.00oz    
3rd           Mark Spratley    20.01oz  
4th           Nick Rudley        15.11oz   
5th           Lee Jenkins         11.00oz                  
6th           Doug Simpkins    9.06oz  
7th          David Balaam       6.12oz                         
8th           Geoff Ballinger    6.09oz
9th           Stuart Cursley      4.01oz  
One did not weigh in.

Evening Speed Match 29th June  RESULTS

 The results are;
1st            Mark Gillard             32.14oz                         
2nd           Irvine Eastwood      20.05oz    
3rd            Roy Allibone            18.11oz  
4th            Zain Philbey            12.12oz   
5th            Graham McIntosh   10.08oz
6th            David Balaam          6.12oz 
7th            Doug Simpkins        6.10oz                       
  NEXT Evening Match Friday 13th JULY  Draw 5.45

Evening Speed Match 13th July RESULTS

 The results are;
1st            Mark Spratley          59.00                         
2nd           Geoff Ballinger        15.04
3rd            Doug Simpkins        13.12
4th            Lee Jenkins               12.14