There will be FOUR Matches during the Summer break, and I hope that many of you will find time to enter at least one of them, if not all of them.

All matches are at Long Copse, Fetcham.  The dates are:

25th July       Draw: 10.15am    Fish 11.00am to 3.00pm
1st August    Draw: 10.15am    Fish  11.00am - 3.00pm
17th August  Draw: 10.15am    Fish 11.00am - 3.00pm
24th August  Draw:  1.15pm     Fish   2.00pm - 6.00pm
I hope that by changing the start times it will help some members to attend. 


The 1st Parent/Junior Match was held today with three teams; Steve & Ollie Lowe, Mike & Toby Taylor and Mark & Cloie Spratley. After five hours of perfect fishing in good weather, we had a total of, 83lb 12oz. The final weights were very close, but Mark & Cloie won by just 6oz.

1st Mark & Cloie 32.13oz
2nd Steve & Olli 32.07oz
3rd Mike & Toby 17.12oz

My thanks to all who entered this 1st match, and I hope we will have an even greater turn-out next year.

1st Junior Match 25th July
We had an excellent turn-out for this match – 14 juniors fished for four hours and everyone caught. A massive thanks to everyone who came, and the mum’s and dad’s who helped out. Also thanks to Doug and Stuart for their support, without which it would have been very hard work.
1st prize Thomas Straten 27.03lbs
2nd prize Luke Botting      18.01lbs
3rd prize Nathan Sparkes 17.01lbs...

2nd Junior Match Results 1st August 2018

Six Juniors fished for four hours (fewer than last week due to holiday’s) and caught over 100lb between them.
1st Toby Sykes-Wood    33.10 lbs  plus heaviest fish prize. 4.08lbs
2nd Thomas Straten       32.11lbs
3rd Luke Botting              18.01
Thanks again to mums and dads who came to give support and encouragement, and to Doug and Geoff for helping with the weigh-in.
Next Match 17th August. Same place, same time. (10.15am)

3rd Junior Match 17th August Results

Nine juniors fished the small pond and again everyone caught well. 

1st Toby Sykes-Wood   21.15lb
2nd Nathen Sparkes     19.02lb
3rd Thomas Stratan      16.08lb
The heaviest fish was caught by Harry Upfold, a whopping 8.10oz common carp . . . well done Harry
The FINAL Junior Match is next Friday 24th August.
Draw 1.15pm  Fishing from 2.00pm to 6.00pm
Friends and family welcome to come to the prize giving.