In 2020 we are deviating from our usual 'Matchmen' competitions and want to introduce an all-inclusive agenda for all types of anglers in the club.  We have booked new venues to see how this will be accepted in 2020.
The new membership form will have in Part Two (or on reverse) a list of ALL L.D.A.S. Matches & Events, which we ask you to confirm in advance which are of interest, so we can gauge numbers.
The new venues will include three Surrey lakes and a match on a river Eden in Kent, with possibly other venues to be announced during the season.

You can download the Events/Match Booking Form if you have already joined the LDAS:

DOWNLOAD the Events Booking Form here
We need to know if this new approach to LDAS Events is what the membership wants, and we can only make changes or progress with new ideas if we have your feedback. Please send us your comments using this form.

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