Each Wednesday in August;

4th August

11th August

18th August

25th August

DRAW: 2.15pm  FISHING: 3.00pm to 7.00pm

We hope you will be able to join in these matches and compete for the Junior Challenge Cup

Further information email:   richardd@leatherheadangling.co.uk 

Junior Match Table 2020

Congratulations to James Robertson on winning the Junior Challenge Cup for 2020 with a massive total of 73.03lbs.  James has been working hard to up his game, after finishing fourth overall last year.

Newcomer Paolo Sturt came straight in at 2nd place.  The two Upfold brothers, Harry and Charles also did remarkably well finishing 3rd and 4th respectively, from 7th and 8th last year.

NameR1R2R3R4Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Total LbsOverall PositionHeviest Fish
James Robertson132124.137.1520.0720.0073.0313.03
Paolo Sturt 11  12.1223.09 36.0524.13
Harry Upfold523 2.0910.1018.05 31.0832.10
Charles Upfold25  17.15.07  22.0844.10
Jake Vigurs 44  6.097.13 14.0653.14
Nathan Sparkes3   13.06   13.066 
Ben Freeman   2   12.1212.1275.03
Tom Strattan4   10.02   10.028 
Oscar Conner   3   4.104.109 
Callum Simarro  5   3.08 3.0810 
Dean Wellings6   1.08   1.0811 
Luke Botting 6   0.13  0.1312

Junior Match Table 2019

NameR1R2R3R4Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Total LbsOverall PositionHeviest Fish
Thomas Stratten313118.0218.079.1220.0266.0317.02
Toby Taylor12 234.0510.02 16.0560.122 
Nathen Sparkes431 13.098.1221.07 43.123 
James Robertson  23 .16.0813.0429.124 
Hugh Parkinson2 28.11. 28.115 
Luke Botting65 413.017.01 4.1524.1766.02
Tom Carter 44  8.109.04 17.147 
Cameron Tocher5  13.04 13.0486.05
Charles Upfold7  9.09  9.099 
Harry Upfold8  8.13  8.1310 
Danny Stevens9   2.08   2.0811 




The 1st Parent/Junior Match was held today with three teams; Steve & Ollie Lowe, Mike & Toby Taylor and Mark & Cloie Spratley. After five hours of perfect fishing in good weather, we had a total of, 83lb 12oz. The final weights were very close, but Mark & Cloie won by just 6oz.

1st Mark & Cloie 32.13oz
2nd Steve & Olli 32.07oz
3rd Mike & Toby 17.12oz

My thanks to all who entered this 1st match, and I hope we will have an even greater turn-out next year.

Junior Match League Results 2018

Many thanks to all the Juniors who entered these matches over the Summer holiday's.  We had one of the best year's ever, with over 18 Juniors competing over the four matches. Thanks also to all the parents who came and supported the matches and helped out in many ways. 

Congratulations to Thomas Straten who is this year's overall winner with 94.06lbs,  and takes the Junior Winners Cup 2018

NameR1R2R3R4Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Total LbsOverall Position
Thomas Straten123127.0332.1116.0818.0494.061
Toby Sykes-Wood611212.1133.1021.1517.1085.092
Luke Botting236618.0118.0111.139.1557.093
Jake Vigerds1158412.1410.158.0315.0047.004
Hugh Parkinson545 14.0317.0813.00 44.115
Nathan Sparkes3 2817.01 19.026.1443.016
Harry Upfold9 458.10 15.1511.1136.037
Charles Upfold13 972.01 7.119.0519.018
James Robertson   3   16.0216.029
Teddy Farr4   14.08   14.0810
Toby Taylor   5   11.1111.1111
Elliott Sumitom-Wyatt14 7 1.04 10.00 11.0412
Elliott Gadson7   10.02   10.0213
Maddox Beckworth8   8.12   8.1214
Freddie Bass 6   8.10  8.1015
Luke Herman10   7.00   7.0016
Harley Charlesworth12   2.05   2.0517
Charlie Hogg   9   2.012.0118
Todd Friday        0.00 
James Roffe        0.00