Over two days, 16th and 17th August 2022, the LDAS and the EA, carried out a fish rescue operation on the River Mole.

Many local residents and concerned organisations had been in contact with our club secretary regarding the perils our fish were in. The extreme hot weather had caused the River Mole between Young Street and Mickleham Bridge to dry up, leaving ‘pools’ of fish stranded and in danger of dying.

Our chairman, Dave Tarrant was already talking to the Environment Agency to see what could be done. Although under immense pressure, the EA arranged a visit to assess the situation and agreed it was of the extreme urgency our fish needed to be rescued.

The LDAS asked its members for volunteers to help with the rescue over two days and the response was overwhelming.

Over twenty members met with ten EA officers and began to systematically, and humanely, stun the fish so they could be transported in water tanks, on vehicles, to a safer location further upriver.

Over two days we recured hundreds of fish and relocated them just south of Mickleham Bridge where there was sufficient deep and flowing water to keep them alive.

During this period of drought, it also gave the LDAS the opportunity to ‘tidy up’ much of the dangerous fallen trees and branches near Young Street bridge.

Dave Tarrant, chairman, said, “My sincere thanks to everyone who helped in the relocation of our fish, and to the members who worked on the fallen trees. Without your support we would not have been able to achieve all of this in two days. Many thanks also to the EA for their swift intervention in what has been a very busy period for them.”